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Elmo did not hear from any of his friends this week, so he picked one of his favorite books to start off his new Book of the Week Club. If you like the book, email Elmo to tell him, and while you're at it... make sure to let him know what book you'd like to see on his page next week!


By David McKee

All the elephants of the jungle were gray except Elmer, who was a patchwork of brilliant colors until the day he got tired of being different and making the other elephants laugh.

Parents will like this book because: Being the most colorful elephant in the forest isn't easy for Elmer. He dyes himself gray to look like all the other elephants but discovers that being himself is best. The happy ending to this story will help children value their own individuality and that of others.

After you have fun with Elmo and his alphabet, you might want to visit some of his other pages, too... especially his new counting page. It's only one of his many new and exciting places to see here. Don't be shy. Elmo loves to have visitors! Don't you, Elmo?

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Elmo's friend who helped him with his newsletter decided she couldn't do it anymore, so instead of the newsletter, Elmo has decided to create his own Book of the Week Club! Starting Saturday February 5, Elmo will post his first book of the week. You can help him by e-mailing him the title of your most favorite book. He will choose from all the books sent to him which is his favorite. It will be posted at the top of this page. All other titles sent to him will also be posted on his weekly book list. Every book is worth reading! Elmo hopes this will be the beginning of a very fun club that children will enjoy.


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